Young Voices: St. Albans’ Iris Adams Shares Her Favorite Book | News

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Young Voices is a recurring spotlight on Franklin County kids and their thoughts on the news of the day.

Iris Adams

ST. ALBANS CITY — Iris Adams, third grader, loves books and animals. She especially likes books about animals.

“My favorite book is probably ‘Dogs on the Trail,'” Adams told the Messenger. “It’s a non-fiction book about a girl and some of her friends, and her stories are about mushing in Alaska.”

“Dogs on the Trail: A Year in the Life” by Blair Braverman chronicles a year in the lives of dog sled mushers Braverman and her husband Quince Mountain and their team of dogs. The book takes the reader through their adventures, including stockpiling thousands of pounds of raw meat, training puppies to be brave, camping, racing, and wildlife encounters.

Adams is an animal lover who hopes to have several dogs one day. She remembered her dog Timber, a cross of a German Shepherd and very large. She misses him, she said.

Although Adams is an aspiring cross-country coach and dance teacher, she identifies with the adventurous spirit of the characters in Braverman’s book.

“Each page says something different about their adventures,” Adams said. “What they wear, what they eat and how they live.”

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