Yvette Arellano: I’m Divorcing Mohamed! SO Ready for It to Be Over!

Last month, Yvette Arellano promised more to come amidst Mohamed Abdelhamed’s cheating drama.

Fans saw Mohamed’s cheating texts months ago — possibly before Yve did. His betrayal went beyond an affair, however.

Obviously, the two split during August. We all knew that it would not end there.

Now, Yvette has taken an inevitable but important step: filing for divorce.

In Touch Weekly reports that Yvette Arellano has officially filed to divorce Mohamed Abdelhamed.

“Unfortunately, this is not a surprise,” Yve’s rep pointed out, highlighting how so many fans feel.

The filing went down on Wednesday, September 21. And not a moment too soon.

“The couple’s most recent media exposure regarding their 90-Day, K1 visa journey,” Yve’s rep pointed out.

That exposure “was rife with incompatibility, heartache, and controversy.”

And the rep added: “Sadly, many of these events unfolded online and on their reality TV series.”

“Arellano’s filing for divorce only serves as the next inevitable step,” Yve’s rep described.

It was a natural stepping stone “in the trajectory of the couple’s journey.”

Well, when a guy cheats on you, insults you and your son, and actively conspires against you … what other option is there?

“She has come to the conclusion that the marriage has suffered irreparable harm,” Yve’s rep confirmed.

“And,” the statement then added, “cannot be reconciled.”

“She hopes this will be the final step to close this chapter in her life,” Yve’s representative affirmed.

Yve simply wants to “put the past behind her.”

The rep concluded: “and move forward in to the future.”

Fans are also looking forward to Yve’s future. A future in which Mohamed is nothing but a bad memory.

Mohamed Abdelhamed allegedly sent a series of texts to a mysterious other woman, promising to leave his wife as soon as his green card is secure.

In July, the entire world saw leaked DMs attributed to Mohamed and an unnamed mistress.

At the time, no one could confirm the authenticity of the messages. But the evidence suggested that they were credible.

Then, at the end of the Tell All, Season 9 tacked on a home video segment in which Mohamed admitted that they were real.

90 Day Fiance Season 9 star Yvette Arellano explained how she had caught her husband cheating, but she did not share all of the details.

At the time, it sounded like she was unwisely choosing to try to make the marriage work.

However, by the time that this segment aired, Yve and Mohamed had split.

And Mohamed had accused her of domestic battery after an alleged scuffle over his phone.

Normally, we take allegations of domestic violence very seriously.

Abuse is an evil act. And yes, it is wrong even when a justifiably angry woman might do it.

But Mohamed himself gave fans a lot of reason to doubt his allegations.

Simply put, Mohamed’s cheating texts included a conspiracy to use Yve to get his green card.

He and his mistress even discussed the idea of getting a U-visa, intended for victims of abuse, if Yve uncovered the affair.

Is it possible for someone who planned to lie to end up being a real victim? Sure. But it doesn’t look great for him.

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